Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly writing post: A Son's Honor

     It's a miracle. I've posted twice in the same week.
     Just kidding.
     Anyway, I've decided to participate in this "weekly writing" thing. The point of this contest is to give writers a picture with five random words, and the writers then come up with a short story (500 words or less) that incorporates these items. The blog that started this is right HERE. Lots of writing blogs join in this contest, and you can find the other stories by following the above link. It's my first time doing this, so I hope to hear some critiques about improvement.

     Anyway, without further ado, here it is!


A Son's Honor
     Elraz, Crown Prince of Melorna, ran for his life through the castle halls. Laser blasts drilled into the walls, narrowly missing him.
     For the first time, he was grateful for his pocket deflection field.
     He turned the corner and hid amongst the row of pillars, picturing himself invisible to any view, mechanical or organic. The invaders ran across from him, completely oblivious.
     Relieved, Elraz let out a breath he didn't know he'd held. This was probably the first time a Royal ever used his powers to run. . .
     The realization struck him like a dagger to the chest. He ran away. He, a member of the Royal family, turned coward to save his own life, preferring to loaf his life away in obscurity.
     He looked down at the pillars he'd hid among. Each one bore the symbol of Telora-Mime, the Unspoken Divinity. He touched the cold marble, activating the hologram picture of his father above the pillar. He looked so proud and strong here, determined to do his duty as King, not run to save his skin.
     But even he couldn't stop the invading Teralmins from breaking through the wall, crushing him and his Melornian army like so much chaff. He couldn't stop them from destroying all he held dear.
     Except for me, Elraz thought. He was probably the only Royal left alive in the kingdom, maybe the only living Royal at all. Maybe this was for a reason.
     He looked back at the holy symbol. The first tenant of his faith proclaimed “All things happen for the greater good, according to Telora-Mime.” What seemed unjust and terrible could be part of a greater plan from the Bringer of Creation. But what's my part in this? he asked himself, offering a silent prayer of guidance.
     A thought entered his mind. Against all odds, against impossible foes, his father had died to defend his people. He sacrificed himself for the protection of the kingdom.
     Elraz clenched his fist. He would not allow that sacrifice to be in vain.
     Imagining himself invisible, he walked through the halls of the castle – his castle, now – to the balcony, passing by the enemy's new security cameras. From there, he saw the Teralmins break into the peasants' homes, stealing anything they wished. He unsheathed his sword in righteous indignation.
     This must stop now, he thought, raising the sword to the sky. Even if they kidnap these people – my people – I will fight to free them. He activated the sword, sending lightning streaking across the blade, striking the roofs below. The Teralmins stared at him, obviously shocked at seeing him alive. I will fight until my last breath to keep my people free. May Telora-Mime view and support me now.
     “For the honor of my father,” he shouted, his voice ringing against the inner wall, “for the honor of Melorna, and for the glory of the Unspoken Divinity, you shall not prevail!”

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